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Catching up with Elle Quintana

We caught up with our Confidant, Elle Quintana, a creative strategist and storyteller who inspires us on the daily. With a magnetic personality and powerful creative vision, she's always working on something that creates space for more diverse stories and voices.

S. Elle Quintana


Let’s say your hanging out with friends of friends, how would you introduce yourself?

I'm so bad at introducing myself, but truthfully I'm just a flower picking snarky AF creative who you'll find unapologetically sipping expensive coffee's and talking to strangers in cafes around the world. 

When not cooking for friends or staying out dancing with friends I am a creative advisor and consultant by trade and who uses my craft to shift the imagination of society. 



What’s something you’re super energized about right now that you’d like to share/ shoutout- could be a project, ritual, song you love, person you love, quote- whatever comes to mind.

What am I excited about right now? Everything, life in general. But specifically I have been very much into my journaling again, I fell out of practice and have recently returned to it. I such a grounding way to start every morning and  end every night. 

The other things is finally getting my creative advisory off the ground, its one of those magic moments when "I want to becomes I am" and truly there is nothing better.



Want to learn more about Elle? 

Check out her site Studio SL Quintana


And don't miss this podcast episode:

 Dating White Podcast

Fair as Fuck

Dating White Podcast, hosted by Nkechi Njaka and Myisha Battle

We love this podcast! Elle joins Nkechi and Myisha to talk about racial representation and how it impacts dating choices. But dating is just the jumping off point. Elle dives into the larger narrative - from major media to daily social media- and how stories told across mediums create powerful ripple effects. From code switching to identity to dating, this episode is one to play on repeat.


As you may have guessed, Elle has next-level style. We couldn't help but for her top picks in the shop. Here's what's in her cart: 

1. Sispara Scalloped Sun Hat

2. Solid Leather Slide in Oiled Brown

3. Brigitte Sunglasses in Cola

4. Large Celia Tote

5. Flowerhead rose mint tea

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