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How to Start a Creativity Club

A few weeks back I sent a note to five friends, it read:
"I've had a moment to regroup on some major goals in 2020. One is to invest more in my ladies + creative community (YOU). The next is to produce more creative work at Confidants, i.e. printed magazine, more videos, and a few more pop-ups."


The proposition? Let's start a creativity club. Like a book club, but for our personal projects. We'd meet monthly, same day & time, to support each other in developing our own creative projects. 


Although we're still getting organized, I thought we'd pass on some easy steps to start your own.
Surrounding yourself with community that fuels creativity, while also offering support, is a game-changing tool for unlocking your dreams. 

How to start: 

1. Make a short list of friends or acquaintances who are starting their own creative projects.

Whether they're into art, business, video, podcasts, music, dance, writing, photography, styling- whatever it is- the medium is not important. Think of curious, creative people in your life who are looking to break out of their comfort zone. 
If you don't have a lot of close friends in this camp, immerse yourself in worlds where you could find inspiration and a new network. Go to an open mic, art show, cafe, or co-working space where you're more likely to find people working on their own projects. 
Creativity club with katie parish
Image by Katie Parish.

2. Send an email to setup the first meeting and time/place to gather.

Once you have a list of friends, throw the idea out there. Send an email (or DM/ text), to see if anyone is down to try something new. 

Book clubs feel straightforward - you read a book, then come together to discuss your takeaways (or just drink wine and chat about life). A creativity club is pretty similar, but instead of reading a book, you spend time on your creative project.

The beauty is, just like a book club, you're held (semi) accountable for investing time in yourself, doing something you love. 

Image by Michelle Favin

3. Come together and create intentions for the group.

Like creativity, not all projects or timelines look the same. Use your first meeting to first get to know each other, then set some intentions for the group. 

We asked questions like: 

  • Do you currently have a creative project? Or do you just feel a creative spark but aren't sure how to channel it?
  • What kind of support do you need to feel like you're thriving in your creative work?
  • What are you most excited to share with this group every month?
  • What made you excited to come to this first meeting? What are you hoping to get and give by spending time with this group?

Images by Ashely Batz.

4. Share your current inspiration and #1 block or obstacle.

The benefit of a creativity club is having a group to spark new ideas while also learning to push past mental or emotional blocks.

In my experience, women tend to play small by doubting their abilities and feeling unsure if their passion is worthy of success. I still catch myself feeling that way, especially on challenging days. 

This is a chance to speak unfiltered. Share what inspires you most, even if it's not clear how that spark will lead anywhere. Speak your biggest, wildest dream out loud. 

If that spark feels small, start there. If your dream is to have 10 minutes a day to draw or doodle- awesome, share that. Or if your dream is to paint full time and eventually sell your works for millions- hell yea- say that out loud too. 

Your block is whatever holds you back. That could be not knowing where to start, or fear of financial uncertainty. Those are all valid blocks, but as soon as we own those doubts, they get less intimidating.

Lean on this group to help you navigate the unknown. 

Image by Ashley Batz of the lovely Katrina Horne

5. Pause to imagine, then share where you hope to be with your creative project this time next year. 

It can be fun do to this as a group. Take 3-5 min to get grounded, close your eyes, and imagine what you'd be working on this time next year. What gets you really energized and inspired? Don't hold back. 

Share your vision with the group. You may be surprised by the power of your imagination. 

Images + styling by Rachel Needy


Banner images by Katie Parish, Morgan Harper Nichols, and Lavinia Cernau

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