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Guide To Simple Joys + Daily Rituals

We curated this collection of crowd-pleasing items inspired by simple joys, showcasing how ordinary objects play into daily rituals, inviting in self-discovery, happiness, and more present awareness. Some of our favorite routines transform into opportunities to log off,...

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Catching up with Anoushka Mirchandani

This month, we caught up with rising artist and good friend Anoushka "Nush" Mirchandani to chat about reinventing her career, self-discovery as expression, community, and Note to Self, her (nearly sold-out!) solo show at...

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Real Talk with Ashley Batz

This month we sat down with photographer, director, and dear friend, Ashley Batz. We're lucky to call her a confidant, and in light of the pandemic, we've confided in each other throughout...

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Allies: 5 ways to take action

At Confidants, our very name implies, "trusted friend and ally". We have much work to do to be better allies to the black community. That work starts with showing up, speaking up, and taking action. Image by...

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This Sunday, 4/26 at 3 pm PST Tune into Instagram Live as we walk through how to make sourdough, from starter to final baking steps. We'll be calling up our buddy...

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Issue 02.27.20

Tell Your Friends / issue 02.27.20, discovery highlights : Two sisters launch a sustainable women's apparel brand that's stylish and affordable (we want it all), celebrating failure, + new kind...

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Issue 02.20.20

Breathe Deep / issue 02.20.20 , discovery highlights: 3 tips for anxiety + focus, film portraits of powerful women, llama album art and our fav Airbnb right now. Not signed up for...

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