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Issue 02.13.20

Love is power and you are powerful / issue 02.13.20, discovery highlights: Doing things, vulnerability, My Enemy's Enemy, and Corbet's Queen did a backflip. Not signed up for our weekly discovery...

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How to Start a Creativity Club

Like a book club, but for personal creative projects. A creativity club helps hold you (semi) accountable for investing time in yourself, doing something you love.  "Surrounding yourself with community that...

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Good Hair Days

A great hair day can take your confidence from 0 to 100. Since personal style is always an experiment, here are a few of our go-to muses for hair inspiration.

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Take in the View

Kendra Gauntlett + Vicky Nguyen hit the road for a week-long road trip from San Francisco to British Columbia, Canada, stopping at Flyboys to climb 3000+ vertical feet.

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