Sep 26, 2019

The Ritual: Morning Coffee

The Ritual: morning coffee Few things in life are as grounding as a morning cup of coffee. When I stop to think abou...

Sep 10, 2019

5 Byron Bay Brands You Haven't Heard Of (Yet)

    Endless Summer Edition:     5 Byron Bay Brands You   Haven't Heard Of (Yet)         By Rebe...

Aug 8, 2019

Take in the View

Kendra Gauntlett + Vicky Nguyen hit the road for a week-long road trip from San Francisco to British Columbia, Canada, stopping at Flyboys to climb 3000+ vertical feet.

Apr 25, 2019

5 Favorite Natural Essentials For Travel

Top 5 Natural Beauty ...

Feb 14, 2019

In Confidence with gem founder sara cullen

This week we chatted with Sara Cullen, the founder of GEM: the first real food multi-vitamin designed by women for women. From international health discoveries to her own journey in starting a business, she takes us around the world and back to her kitchen. Grab your morning cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!

Jan 2, 2019

The Ski Retreat: A 3-day Experience For Ladies to Stoke Their Adventurous Spirit

This week we got to know Charlotte and Rachel, the driving forces behind The Ski Retreat. Equal par...

Dec 12, 2018

How to make a modern wreath

Confidants / Journal / Published: Nov-13-2018 6 easy steps withErin Miller from The Floral Times...

Nov 30, 2018

In Confidence with jewelry designer Julia Szendrei

This week we chatted with Julia Szendrei- jewelry artist, business owner and supermom- about her daily morning ritual, tips on "color theory" and how she doubled her social media reach by building relationships, not ads. Pour some coffee (or wine) and enjoy!

Nov 13, 2018

Holiday Season (s)Low Down

Rebecca Fraley / Journa...
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