3 tips to re-focus and shake off anxiety

Anxiety creeps in whenever we feel expectations don't meet reality, and there's nothing like the stall of momentum to fuel the craving of escape. Three things help me re-focus and shake off anxiety. Featuring images by Chiara Zonca, Hannah Shea, River Cabaan, and Linnea Bullion.

How to Start a Creativity Club

Like a book club, but for personal creative projects. A creativity club helps hold you (semi) accountable for investing time in yourself, doing something you love.  "Surrounding yourself with community that fuels creativity, while also offering support, is a game-changing tool for unlocking your dreams. "

8 Books That Helped Me Chase Big Dreams

These stories changed my life by helping me chase big dreams. In different ways, each book gave me a map to find the courage, creativity, permission, wildness, imagination, and resilience to begin the journey of discovering my dreams.

Ritual: Making a Desires List

Have you ever made a desires list?

Meet Our Confidant: Ashley Batz

Ashley is the definition of Confidant: someone you can trust and confide in. She's helped bring the Confidants brand to life, not only because she was the photographer behind our first photo shoot, but through it all she's been a dear friend, hype woman, and real gem.

Rituals: Rebecca & Oaxaca Life

As the first part of our Ritual Insight series, we asked Rebecca to tell us about her own rituals shaped by her new life in Oaxaca, Mexico. "Ritual for me is a space in time to re-set the foundation of the energy we use to move through our days, it's a practice that's helped me navigate through life in a new country."

Meet Our Confidant: Maya Goldfine

Maya has supported us from the start, cheering from the side lines, sending good vibes, and dropping dad jokes (triple threat). She's a rad woman on our radar. Let us introduce, our confidant, Maya Goldfine (applause)...

Good Hair Days

A great hair day can take your confidence from 0 to 100. Since personal style is always an experiment, here are a few of our go-to muses for hair inspiration.

The Ritual: Morning Coffee

The Ritual: morning coffee Few things in life are as grounding as a morning cup of coffee. When I stop to think abou...

5 Byron Bay Brands You Haven't Heard Of (Yet)

    Endless Summer Edition:     5 Byron Bay Brands You   Haven't Heard Of (Yet)         By Rebe...

Take in the View

Kendra Gauntlett + Vicky Nguyen hit the road for a week-long road trip from San Francisco to British Columbia, Canada, stopping at Flyboys to climb 3000+ vertical feet.
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