Meet GEM: the first multi-vitamin made from real food, designed by women, for women.

"We need vitamins because our food system is broken and depleted of its full nutrient potential. But vitamins, as they exist today, are filled with more BS than truth."- founder, Sara Cullen

Sara battled frustrating health issues like fatigue, inflammation, and hormonal imbalances (sound familiar?). After finding no hope in the confusing, chemical-filled isle of supplements + vitamins, she used her food + sustainability background to partner with farmers, herbalists, and doctors all over the world to create GEM. 

Powered by algae, the game-changing, sustainable, nutrient-dense plant, and made with 13 real foods packed with 15 essential nutrients, these vitamins were made to help all women thrive.

The best part? It's low maintenance: nausea free, no food required, take it any time of day.

* $10 OFF a GEM monthly subscription included with your purchase + Free Shipping*

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