Your travel game just got an exciting upgrade. Whether you're cruising to an airbnb or camp site, travel in confidence knowing we have access to a GREAT cup of coffee, anytime. 

Ilana, co-founder of Dripkit, dreamed of barista quality coffee on-the-go. Step one was finding high quality beans. 

Consciously sourced from family run farms in Guatemala and Columbia, Dripkit delivers a rich, smooth taste thanks to high quality, single-origin beans. Fresh roasted in Brooklyn, beans are ground and sealed in travel-friendly portable filters that don't require any equipment. Just pour hot water and enjoy. 

But even fresh roasted coffee won't taste good without the right filter. When she set out to start Dripkit, Ilana quickly realized the standard portable filters kinda sucked, so she lead the effort to redesign them, making 100+ tweaks to achieve the dream: a pour over filter that's easy-to-use, travel friendly, and consistent in delivering that rich, smooth pour over taste. 

Barista quality coffee in two minutes and for half the price? Yes please.


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