Heart-opening mementos

Everyday items can act as touchstones to help us recall a feeling. We call these types of symbols "mementos".

This curated space celebrates love in all it's forms. From lovers and friendships to family and self-love, our hearts are constantly expanding. 

Some highlights include Julia Szendrei's Rose Quartz necklace, featuring a teardrop shaped gemstone. Rose quartz is believed to be a heart-opening stone, used to symbolize feminine energy like compassion, tenderness, and nourishment. As well as Aesthete Tea's Love Potion, an herbal blend of heart-opening herbs rooted in the energizing properties of black tea. 

Check back often for simple, thoughtful gifts for people that open your heart. Don't forget to put yourself on that list. 

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Rose Quartz Necklace

Julia Szendrei


14K Gold Stacking Rings- Set of 2

Julia Szendrei


Moonstone Drop Earrings

Julia Szendrei


Herbal Chai- Herbal Blend

Aesthete Tea


Love Potion- Black Tea Blend

Aesthete Tea


Goddess Coin Necklace (18")

Julia Szendrei


On Sale

Wanderlust Journal

Axel & Ash

$19.98 $34.99

"Love" Necklace - Rose Quartz

Julia Szendrei


Talisman Ring- Turquoise

Julia Szendrei


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