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Zoom Set the Table Gift Set- Olive oil + honey + sea salt blend
Zoom Set the Table Gift Set- Olive oil + honey + sea salt blend
Zoom Set the Table Gift Set- Olive oil + honey + sea salt blend
Zoom Set the Table Gift Set- Olive oil + honey + sea salt blend
Zoom Set the Table Gift Set- Olive oil + honey + sea salt blend
Zoom Set the Table Gift Set- Olive oil + honey + sea salt blend
Zoom Set the Table Gift Set- Olive oil + honey + sea salt blend
Zoom Set the Table Gift Set- Olive oil + honey + sea salt blend

Set the Table Gift Set- Olive oil + honey + sea salt blend

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To help you send moments of joy this season, we put together gift bundles that include bestselling items sure to delight. 

This dream team is all about curating exciting new finds for the table this season. Organic extra virgin olive oil, made by a family own farm in Northern California alongside San Juan Salt Blend is the duo of our dreams. Add in the Lavendar Honey, where a little goes a long way to add floral, sweet notes to everything from desert to apéritifs. 

All items sourced from sustainable, organic farms on the West Coast. 

Gift Set Includes:


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Herb & Olive
If you're like us, food is top of mind, always. When it comes to stocking the pantry, Olive oil is one of the few kitchen staples that has potential to elevate every dish. 
Herb & Olive recently hit our radar thanks to their organic extra virgin olive oil, sourced from a small family farm in Northern California. Made from  100% Arbequina olives and organically grown, this olive oil is packed with antioxidants and delicious. peppery, smooth flavor profile. 

Every bottle of H&O Organic EVOO is made from natural ingredients and pure intentions to elevate your mind, body and cooking experiences.

  • 13.5oz (400ml) of olive oil
  • Certified Organic
  • Grown on a small family farm in Northern California
  • 100% Arbequina olives 
  • Delicious and versatile
  • 13.5oz (400ml) of olive oil

Tasting Notes:

The earthy front flavor is balanced by a smooth, peppery and citrus back end. This bottle is packed with polyphenols, the potent antioxidants prominent in high quality, cold pressed EVOO. 


San Juan Sea Salt Blend by San Juan Island Sea Salt

The San Juan Blend is founders Brady & Leah's go to herb blend and thus named after their home-San Juan Island.

It is garlickly, with a rich, savory and slightly spicy flavor. Delicious on fried eggs, french bread, potatoes, and fresh tuna salad. You will find yourself using this on everything.


  • 2.5 oz glass jar 
  • San Juan Blend 
  • Harvested responsibly in the San Juan Islands
  • Family run, hand harvested
  • Solar powered evaporation houses

Net wt. 3.75 oz. Dimensions: 2.5"W X 3.25"H.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Our sea salt, garlic*, paprika*, parsley*, celery seed* 


San Juan Island Sea Salt is a husband-wife, family run farm on the islands, operating solar powered evaporation houses since 2012. They source pristine sea water from the San Juan Islands, then use the sun to evaporate the water, leaving nutrient rich, briny, one-of-a-kind sea salt. They're known for their quality salt and creative, delicious blends. 

Lavender Bloom Honey by Agate Honey

We're bringing the farmers market to you with this honey, an all natural powerhouse of raw honey and organic lavender. Thanks to lavender infusion, this honey is not only delicious but supercharged with wellness-boosting benefits. 

Agate Honey uses a process of cold infusion of ground lavender buds with raw honey, creating a floral aroma, and a gentle fruity flavor. A little goes a long way.

Lavender honey is also a high in Tyrosine, an amino acid linked to neurotransmitters that improve mood, decrease anxiety, and promote sleep. Another benefit, lavender honey is antibacterial, making it soothing and helpful to combat against sore throats.

Another pro tip: use weekly as a face mask to boost your glow and heal blemishes.


  • 11 oz jar of lavender honey
  • A little goes a long way
  • Wild honey from California 
  • Organic lavender, cold infusion
  • Believed to improve mood and decrease anxiety
  • Small batch, family run

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