Indie Goat

We like to think of Indie Goat as farm-to-face beauty. Instead of using water, which requires the use of thickeners and preservatives, all of Indie Goats products are made in small batches using raw goat milk. The milk is sourced directly from the farm of founder, Heather Collins, who spends her time dreaming up new products and tending to 20 goats in Naples, NY. The pure unpasteurized goat milk provides a rich lather for nourished, calm skin.

There is beauty in every decision made by Indie Goat. Each beauty bar is crafted by hand.  Indie Goat uses the highest-quality botanical ingredients including wildcrafted and organic herbs, algae, clay, cold-pressed oils, volcanic ash, and activated charcoal.

We are drawn to the spirit of Indie Goat, the ease and simplicity of their products. Thanks to their luxe ingredients (think rose petals, Ashwagandha, and chamomile) and affordable price points, the switch to natural beauty has never been easier.

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