Kola Goodies

Kola Goodies is brought to you by founder Sajani, who created Kola to bring ancient plant goodies to the modern world, inspired by her childhood roots in Sri Lanka.

Inspired by the superfoods here Mom made her consume, Sajani realized that she was missing these wellness-boosting ingredients in her everyday American life. 

New on our radar is her 100% organic gotu kola (centella asiatica)- this Ayurvedic super herb helps maintain healthy neurotransmitter function for mental clarity, alertness and enhanced memory. Another bonus, it naturally boosts blood circulation and stimulates collagen production to heal skin and keep it healthy. Two-for-one!

Don't miss Golden Lattes, with anti-inflammatory properties, along with Ashwa-Wow, her Sri Lankan sourced, 100% organic Ashwaghanda for stress-busting effects. 

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