Maude is on a mission to make intimacy and sex better for all people. And this year, they're not only focused on what happens in the bedroom, but want to encourage exploration beyond. Next stop? The bath. 

Dina Epstein, a RISD product designer, and Eva Goicochea, an Everlane alumni, joined forces to create an inclusive sexual wellness brand that welcomes all genders and ages. 

They're focused on sex as a human experience, creating a high quality collection of well designed essentials meant to enhance personal pleasure and encourage intimacy with yourself or a partner.

Their latest bath soaks feature skin-softening ingredients like coconut milk bath, as well as hand-harvested Dead Sea salts that naturally relieve muscle tension and soreness. Sounds like our kind of method to get in the mood. 

Don't miss the Vibe, our go-to travel companion and the burn no.1 massage candle, that when melted, can be used as a massage oil. 

Maude is a refreshing option to the hyper-sexualized, outdated industry we've seen in the past. Maude is what we've been reaching for when it comes to sex and self-pleasure. 

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