Emily, founder of Minga, is a spirited, ambitious woman setting out to create a collection of bags unlike any we've seen before. Besides the stylish silhouettes and patterns, Minga bags are crafted from something we didn't expect: cacti fiber.

Cacti fiber? Yes, we were intrigued too. 

Minga partners with a lively, talented group of women called "The Floras de Choco” who live in the remote cloudforest of Ecuador. Using an all-natural, traditional method, each bag takes 35 steps to make from harvesting wild cacti in the Andean highlands to dying thread fiber with native botanicals. 

Minga’s artisan partners are some of the last communities using traditional, non-toxic techniques to create beautiful, durable goods from cacti.

Not only is the collection versatile and stylish, but each purchase also helps keep tradition alive and support talented women in Ecuador.