Nisolo shoes and accessories are the ones you will reach for again and again, which is a good thing, because they only getting better with wear. Designed to make life easier, their shoes are as comfortable as they are classic and the accessories add an understated, (affordably) luxurious touch to any outfit.

Nisolo translates to “not alone” and was born out of a desire to return fashion to the principles which originally ruled the fashion industry: people, artistic expression, and reverence for both the creator and the consumer. Taking ethically-made standards to the next level, Nisolo built their own factory in the shoe-making capital of Trujillo, Peru, offering employees healthcare and higher wages. One highlight we loved- women reported a 173% increase in annual income at Nisolo vs previous jobs. Over the years, Nisolo expanded to partner in artisan capitals like Leon, Mexico and Nairobi, Kenya, making a positive impact on communities there.

Women led and women empowering, Nisolo will make you look as good as you feel.