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Meet The Duo by Proclamation Goods - two pans, infinite options. Proclamation is on a mission to declutter your kitchen, replacing that 10-piece cookware set with two high-quality, chef-approved pieces.  

Brilliantly simple and versatile, the Proclamation Duo combines the classic 12" Sidekick Skillet and wok/stockpot Hybrid Pot featuring patent-pending hinges that lock together to create a dutch oven. From searing and baking to grilling and boiling, this dream team offers unmatched versatility.

When you're done, separate the pans and nest together for a shelf-friendly, compact storage.

One of the standout details that's easy to miss but has a big impact on your food and health: no coatings. Using high quality materials and all-natural treatments, Proclamation avoids synthetic, chemical-heavy coatings. 

Use pans on the stove, in the oven, over a campfire, or even on the grill. No plastic to melt. No toxic coatings to worry about. Lighter than cast iron and easy to store. 

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