Swim to the Moon

Greek designer, Stefani Stoyanof, launched Swim to the Moon after a year of adventure and travel. Influenced by serendipitous moments on her journey, she creates pieces without set rules on fluid timelines - no seasonal drops. 

In her new Currents collection, pieces capture the directed movement of the sea, mementos that encourage us to live life in flow. Inspired by water, recreating its form, vibration, and imperfection. 

 All pieces are handmade in Stefani's studio between Texas and Greece. She captures the beauty found in small imperfections made through the lost art of wax casting. Inspired by travel, adventure, and the sea, Stefani's collections are infused with emotion and historical relevance. 

Using high quality materials, like Sterling Silver and 14K Gold, Stefani partners with a local community of master artisans in Athens, Greece to make metal castings. Pieces are made to last, intended to journey through the wearer's life adventures. 

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