How we curate

How we curate, what we look for

How we scout and curate brands

If you've read our story, you'll learn we scout stylish, high-quality brands that align with your values and vibe. But what does that mean? 

The first question we get at events is "how do you curate?" We thought it was time to de-mystify the process and give you a hint of our special sauce.

1. Style + Vibe

Punchline: if we wouldn't buy it or recommend it to a friend, we don't expect you to.

More about style: We first ask, does this match or elevate your lifestyle? Would you wear it or suggest it to a friend? Does this piece earn a spot in regular rotation or add a pop of confidence for that date night, interview, vacation, creative project, etc.

And because we're more like a friend than robot, we throw in some surprises you didn't know to ask for, like suggesting the best new vibrator for travel. 

2. Quality

Punchline: if we paid for this item, would we be delighted about the quality? 

More about quality: We've all been hooked by that instagram ad, only to receive something that totally bums us out. Not here.

We're here to be the filter that asks, "is this legit?" then take it one step further. Part of our process is looking at materials, ingredients, color matching, sizing, and fit. After years in buying working with hundreds of brands, our radar is laser focused on quality. 

Lastly, as always, we love having conversations about your expectations. If you have any questions or feedback about the quality of products you find on Confidants, drop us an email or send a text.  

3. Brand values

Punchline: sustainably-minded, ethical, inclusive, and often women-led.

More about brand values: we're proud to partner with the next generation of brands focused on moving people and the planet in the right direction.

Of these values, ethics such as fair wages and safe working environments are top priority. One of the beautiful ripple effects of working with new, emerging brands is transparency. Typically our brand partners personally know their factories, working closely with family-run businesses. In cases where we're not clear about production practices and ethics, we ask. If we don't feel convinced, we pass. 

From 1% for the planet and OEKO-TEX materials to clean beauty standards and ingredient lists, we're excited to continue to learn and educate on sustainability. We're focused on brands who are actively working toward more sustainable, planet-friendly practices. But we're the first to admit, it's not an easy road.

We have much work to do and we'd love to help you invest in leaders working to change the status quo in retail by curating brands who consider their impact. 

Finally, we pay attention to inclusivity and diversity. From company leadership to brand imagery and body love, our goal is to harness consumer power to spread opportunity and build a welcoming community. 

4. Story, aka bonus factor

Punchline: what's the memorable thing you tell your friends?

More about bonus factor: this our secret sauce :) 

5. Feedback from you

Punchline: Confidants is built on fan feedback. 

More about fan feedback: As a Confidant fan, you are front and center of our scouting process. We want to adapt and evolve, growing our ecosystem of brand partnerships with you at the heart of it all.

We'd love to know what you're looking for and how we can get to work scouting rad products to make your dreams come true. Find us on instagram, via our newsletters, IRL at events, and more coming soon (chain letters?). Or drop our founder a line at:



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