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The ladies behind Moon Bath use organic, sustainably sourced plant medicine blends to create bath salts and teas that revive the senses, calm the mind, and nourish through our largest organ- the skin. 

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In Confidence with: Chandlyr Jackson of Freckled Fuchsia

Chandlyr Jackson, founder of Freckled Fuchsia, channeled her formal education in Industrial Design into a playful, creative career as an artist. Given the current status of the world, we caught up with Chandlyr yesterday to see how she's navigating this pause. 

5 WFH perks to beat stir-craziness

If you're WFH this week, we made a list of 5 delightful things to embrace in the comfort of your own space. Click through for tips on how this change in routine could be the pause you need. Banner image from @stellahouse_maine.
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