In Confidence with: Chandlyr Jackson of Freckled Fuchsia

After years studying industrial design, Chandlyr Jackson, founder of Freckled Fuchsia, was craving a way to make more art with her hands, offline. Using tactile methods, like block-printing, she took the self-taught path to becoming an accomplished designer and printmaker. 

We've had our eye on her collection for months, and given the current status of the world, we caught up with Chandlyr yesterday to see how she's navigating this pause: 

How are you doing right now? Any way our community and fans can support you?

As of right now I'm doing well, I am healthy and I feel cautiously optimistic about the big and small changes that will come on the other side of this virus.

However, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about the longer-term impact that I'll face with my own businesses, and the several of other small business I love and admire.

Support in any form is deeply appreciated from your community, whether it's sharing a post on social media, sharing my work with a friend, or making a small purchase. Every little bit goes a long way!

Freckled Fuchsia

Image from @freckledfuchsia

What’s inspiring you during this pause? 

I've felt inspired by so much lately - maybe because the sun has been out a lot, and Spring is near, but this pause has created space for more thorough reflection on my own progress so far, and it has given me more time to open up bigger-picture projects that I've been meaning to dive more deeply into.

Anywhere we can learn more about how to blockprint, like a video or blog post?

Yes! I created a blog post last summer that includes the reasons why I started block printing in the first place, as well as a list (and links) of tools and materials that you would need to get started!

Here's the link to the post.

 I have a handful of videos on my Instagram feed as well, and I created a highlight called "Process" which includes many short videos of my personal block printing process. I've been adding to this highlight for over a year now, and it's pretty cool to see the evolution of what I've been working on!

Any tips or resources you’ve found helpful that we can share with artists or makers?

When I first started my journey through Freckled Fuchsia, I joined the "Freelancing Females" group on Facebook, and this connected me with so many lovely designers, makers and other brands who were also just branching out into working for themselves.

It felt reassuring to be apart of a community that was so supportive of this lifestyle and way of working. 

I've also found that the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook has been an incredible resource, especially for the more business-side of things! I definitely recommend picking up a copy of their 15th Edition if you're considering freelancing, or licensing your artwork.

What do you love about being a small business owner?

    I love that the opportunities to collaborate with other brands and businesses feels limitless!

    I love that I have the power to choose who I work with, and support other companies that align with my own values, especially when it comes to sustainable and ethical production practices.

    Connecting with other like-minded people in my local, Portland community in the form of teaching block printing workshops makes my home city feel more like a family.

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