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In Confidence with Zoe Morton

One of the perks of our digital world is connecting with people oceans away. One of those wonderful people is Zoe Morton, a London-based jewelry designer who first debuted on Confidants last summer.

As one of our first brand partners, she's been a delight to work with and a true Confidant. From visiting us in California and hosting a workshop in my backyard (so rad!) to surfing our local spots and introducing us to mega-talented creatives, like Vivian Kim, our paths have crossed in a beautiful way. 

One of the many delicious elements of building Confidants is the opportunity to build community around the world. I feel lucky to know Zoe, and with that intention, we wanted to introduce you to our friend and Confidant:

Meet Zoe Morton, UK-based jewelry designer, surfer, and renaissance woman:

Zoe Morton

How are you this week? How have you been spending your days? 

This week I am good - thanks for asking :) 
Days are busy! I have only recently got back to London as I was actually in Devon by the coast when the UK lockdown happened so I had an extended stay of 4 months on the coast.
My time by the coast isolating taught me to be a little more patient and take a slower approach to life. So life these days is filled with work, creating, gardening, bread baking, and smiling seeing friends and family I haven't been able to see for a while. 
Zoe Morton slow life

Your collections are all about celebrating and remembering adventures... how has that same ethos evolved these last few months? How do you find adventure even if you're not traveling as much? 

They are indeed! Well, I sure had some time to think about my past adventures over the last few months!! Every time I looked at each piece of my jewellery it evoked a memory of a place, or person or feeling.
Zoe Morton Travel postcard
Its made me incredibly grateful for all the adventures and travels I have done over the years and for all the amazing people I have met (including you Fenny!!) Like that time you showed me your favorite surf spot in Bolinas. I think of that often - thank you :)  
Bolinas, California

Zoe + fenny surf bolinas

Where is your favorite place to reset? Where do you go to clear your mind or rediscover creative flow? 

Devon / Cornwall. The cliffs the sea, the storms the sun, everything about down there just puts everything in perspective. 

Where and when do you feel most creative? Walk us through a little bit of your routine. Has that changed at all in recent months? 

By the coast. If I can wake up jump in the sea and then start my day I am a happy person. In Devon this was pretty much my routine along with a lunchtime walk and swim. Just being in nature watching the plants come and go. That's all I really need. 

Devon, England

Zoe at the coast

What's the best piece of advice someone gave you? What's your advice to creatives?

Listen to people, learn from people, but always follow your gut, don't get influenced by people. 

What's something you discovered recently that you love? Could be a song, a new food, photographer, etc.

Aw man, so much recently.

I love the Tartine bread book - it taught me to make croissants + real good bread!

I discovered this magazine called Paradiso (created in Byron Bay) I have been loving that.

The book Wabi Sabi by Beth Kempton - just so many good life lessons in there.

The book Still The Slow Home all about a sustainable home. 

The Hemming - she has amazing patterns (the dress I am wearing below I made from her pattern).

Also loving Maine based Rudy Jude - going to make her dress next :) 

Zoe Morton's top picks right now

Tell us about the zine you made last season- any plans to do something like that again? How did that come together? 

Aw yeah, so that just kind of came about as I had all these images from shoots + travels and wanted to do something with them. I just wanted to share some of my experiences traveling and some of the places I really enjoyed. I really love taking pictures ( I worked in photography before) so I just thought I might as well put it all together - it was really fun to do. I would love to do another one... but it might be a little while, I just seem to have a lot on at the moment. 

Zoe Morton Travel Journal

What's the next curiosity, adventure, hobby you want to explore? 

Erm good question. Well the long term plan is to spend more time out in Australia but this has been a little on hold for now. To be honest summer in the UK is beautiful so just enjoy the coast here as much as I can. Hobby, well, I want to get better at sewing, gardening, all the things. Just to keep exploring and creating. I've also really been enjoying learning about and making my own body oils/moisturizers so to perfect that would be good too.

What are you eyeing on Confidants right now?

All of it !! I mean I would love another pair of Mohinders - you can never have too many right? I love the Sora x Kit Agar towel. I feel like everything you stock is just so beautiful. 


Big thanks to you Zo! Using her travels as inspiration, she creates mementos through her elevated, everyday pieces. As a kind, community-minded maker, she has introduced me to many incredible indie brands throughout Europe. I hope to carry them all some day. In the meantime, we sold out of her jewelry (woot!) but check out her bespoke collection here. 

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