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Mini-Guide to Relaxing, High Vibe Self Care

Self care shows up in many forms but these days we're craving anything that neutralizes anxiety by inviting in more ease, comfort, and true rest. 

We curated this collection as a way of offer up a toolbox of sorts. With self care essentials like comfy organic sweats, matcha lattes, and nourishing teas, we included all the go-to favorites. 

Even more exciting, we included team picks like affirmation cards, smudge sticks, and gorgeous glass pipes that spark self-discovery and new methods of self-care.

Plus don't miss swoon-worthy jewelry, like the Janus necklace, Moon Cycle necklace, and Julia Szendrei's collection, brimming with intention as mementos of new energy and awareness. 

Below you'll find a mini-guide to rituals and rad folks on our radar in the self-care space. 


Tips for a Relaxing, High Vibe Self Care Routine

Carly @ New Waves in Santa Fe

Image by @carlym.ller


1. Dial down caffeine with Clevr Superlattes

If anxiety is creeping up in daily life, try swapping out coffee for something with less punch and more nourishment. Clevr makes wellness-boosting SuperLattes like Matcha and Golden Turmeric, packed with superfoods, adaptogens, and probiotics. 

Did we mention it only takes 30 seconds to make? 

Clevr superlatte

2. Pull an affirmation card

Create a moment of self-love in your daily routine. Each morning, shuffle the deck and draw one card. Read it aloud to yourself and unlock a simple reminder of all your amazing qualities. 

I AM & CO affirmation cards 

3. Try breath work + meditation with Chorus

We first tried a Chorus session just before in-person group classes paused. The experience was not only memorable, but completely changed how we think about meditation. So what is it? In their words, "At Chorus, we utilize rhythmic breathing exercises that quiet your mind, helping you reconnect to your body and reset your thinking patterns. It also just feels great to do."

Curious? Check out their daily classes and give it a try with their 7-day free trial. 

 Chorus Meditation

 4. Reset the energy in your space with a Smudge Stick

Based in upstate New York, Catherine Rising is made possible by a team of ladies who handmake everything from incense and smudge sticks to nourishing salves. Burning Rosemary is believed to cleanse the energy in any space, creating an uplifting vibe, while citrine clears the mind, encouraging imagination and new beginnings. 

Smudge stick with Citrine

 5. Manifest your dreams with To Be Magnetic

Lacy Phillips has been on our radar for years and her online manifestation classes have helped us unblock self-imposed obstacles and work toward our wildest dreams. If this feels too woo-woo for you, check out the podcast as a way to get familiar and hear more about this life-changing work. 

The best part? Subscribe to her workshops for as low as $27/ month.


 6. Wear jewelry as mementos of your intentions

Sometimes something small, beautiful, and easy to wear is the subconscious nudge we need to stay in awareness. Jewelry can act as that touchstone, serving as a daily reminder of those intentions.  Any piece can carry meaning, but here are some of our favorites. 

Goddess Coin Necklace- This coin necklace is a nod to the goddess- an everlasting symbol of the natural beauty and power inside each of us. 

Goddess Coin Necklace




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