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"Give this latte to your friends who say they don't like matcha—it's been known to convert people."

This happened to us.

Each SuperLatte is blended with oat milk, naturally sweetened with coconut cream and monk fruit—zero added sugar and 100% plant-based, organic or non-gmo ingredients.

Clevr goes one step further to create a wellness-boosting elixir, aka functional latte, powered by adaptogens, probiotics and superfoods.  Using adaptogenic herbs, SuperLattes promote steady, long-term energy without the crash—making them the perfect sidekick to caffeine.

If you're new to superfoods, adaptogens, and probiotics the punchline is: they enhance and balance your natural systems to boost overall wellbeing, and Clevr makes these powerhouse ingredients more accessible by pre-blending them into an easy-to-use powder.

With three flavors- chai, coffee, and matcha- there’s something for everyone. Just add water and shake, stir, blend or froth for a game-changing start to your daily routine.


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