When Abby, the founder at EACH, reached out to tell us more about her company, we instantly felt like kindred spirits. 

After years of working for world renowned brands, she figured out how to build one that gives us what we crave - high quality, stylish products made with good value(s). 

EACH sources metals from a foundry in upstate New York then casts them in NYC by professional metalsmiths and jewelers, making EACH pieces more like jewelry than a throw-away hair accessory. Plus, high quality metal means there is no lead, cadmium, nickel or harmful alloys. 

Like our favorite jewelry, these pieces elevate a simple outfit to date-night status. Each piece is versatile and well made, meaning you can swap in hair jewelry whenever you need a little extra shine in your day. 

Finished by hand and featuring French barrette closures, these hair accessories are a step up from the rest. 

Women shouldn’t have to choose between shopping responsibly and affordably, when they can #chooseoneofeach.

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