Zoom Fonz Mega Sculptural Candle
Zoom Fonz Mega Sculptural Candle
Zoom Fonz Mega Sculptural Candle
Zoom Fonz Mega Sculptural Candle

Fonz Mega Sculptural Candle


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The newest edition to Ann Vincent collection is the Fonz. An imperfect, oversized rectangle with small sphere on top, the sand colored structure reminds us a treasure box. Once lit, wax cascades down the sides, creating an ever-changing silhouette.

Based in Ghent, Belgium, Ann hand pours soy wax into molds then finishes each candle with a sculpting knife. Unscented, this set adds a moment of celebration and art to any table or space.


  • Fonz sculptural candle
  • Soy wax blend, natural scent
  • 35+ hour burn time
  • Shapes hand finished with sculpting knife
  • Hand mixed earth tone colors
  • Made in small batches by Ann Vincent in Belgium

How to use:

For most beautiful results, do not burn your candles more than 2 hours at a time. Keep the wick trimmed to 0,5cm. Please keep your candles on a non-flammable surface. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Dimensions: h 11cm x 18cm x w 8cm

More about Ann Vincent

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We can't remember how we discovered Ann, but we're so glad we did. Besides her incredible photography, she launched sculptural candles last summer and we haven't stopped thinking of them ever since. This collection was born out of experimentation, as she says: 

‘I think what appeals to me is to not overthink what works or doesn’t, but feeding that idea of impulsiveness. Putting together asymmetrical shapes, colours, capturing a certain energy and boldness.’

Ann Vincent in the studio

Fonz Mega Sculptural Candle



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