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Whether it's making a cup of coffee or finding comfort in a skincare routine, we all have rituals that give us a sense of peace.

We curated this shop to showcase some of our favorite, everyday items that inspire rituals. Many of them, like tea or coffee, can be enjoyed alone or offer an opportunity to connect (IRL), with the people we love. 

Some highlights include nourishing, hydrating face masks that come in a set of five, perfect for a weekly moment of self-care or for your next girls night. Or The Qi Ritual Set, a whole flower tea that blooms with water, releasing antioxidants and powerful vitamins to restore internal balance - the kind of ritual to share with family or friends. 

Check back often as we introduce new and exciting ways to find moments of real connection with yourself and others.

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Matcha SuperLatte

Matcha SuperLatte



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