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Rituals: Make a Desires List

Have you ever made a desires list?

With a new year (and decade) on the horizon, our intuition naturally turns to reflection. But instead of measuring where we are today vs __________ [expectations, social pressure, your 5 year plan], take some time to think about what you desire.

In this moment, thanks to all you've experienced, you're more prepared than ever to plant those seeds of desire.

Need help starting?

1. Start a fresh page or grab a blank piece of paper

2. Write "desires list" at the top

3. Begin listing what you desire, today or next year or with no set timeline

4. Here's some of my list:
- Travel to a new place + surf in warm water
- Find angel investors + secure funding
- Get strong again, move my body more
- Create a print magazine

Once you make a desires list, reflect on what feels ready to bloom. If you want, you can even color code or mark a symbol on what feels most ripe. Anything that doesn't yet is simply a seed you're planting for the future. Not all desires bloom, but it starts with awareness. 

How do you know when an opportunity is ripe? 

It's different for everyone, but I tend to focus on how my body feels. 

When you think about the opportunity, does it make you anxious/ nervous/ excited? Does your body tighten up or do you feel at ease? All reactions are welcome, but those that feel more effortless tend to be ripe. 

Nurture your desires and soon they'll outgrow your fears. 

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