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The Qi Ritual Set- Whole Flower Tea

The Qi

Product image 1The Qi Ritual Set- Whole Flower Tea
Product image 2The Qi Ritual Set- Whole Flower Tea
Product image 3The Qi Ritual Set- Whole Flower Tea
Product image 4The Qi Ritual Set- Whole Flower Tea
Product image 5The Qi Ritual Set- Whole Flower Tea
Product image 6The Qi Ritual Set- Whole Flower Tea
Product image 7The Qi Ritual Set- Whole Flower Tea
Product image 8The Qi Ritual Set- Whole Flower Tea

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A new wellness ritual inspired by ancient Chinese tradition, whole bloom tea is packed with powerful, wellness-boosting anti-oxidants as well as nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Founder Lisa Li, began with rare "healing" flowers as they have long been used in history for its holistic healing properties due to their beauty and potency.

Whole flower tea is believed to have the most "Qi", or life energy, given flowers reach their peak before blooming. By ingesting whole flower energy via this tea ritual, your body benefits from the highest potency of the flowers natural wellness properties. '

Lisa is on a mission to make wellness simple and joyful so that you can easily reap the health benefits from these time-tested products and rituals. 

The Qi Ritual Tea Set includes everything you need to share this ritual with a friend or loved one:

  • 1 x Floral Collection-  9 total blooms
    • 3 x Individually Packed Organic Lotus
    • 3 x Individually Packed Organic Chrysanthemum
    • 3 x Individually Packed Rose
    • Caffeine free, vegan, sugar free
  • 1 x bamboo tongs
  • 1 x 15 oz glass server - Heat & cold-resistant
  • 2 x small glass cups with gold rims - Heat & cold-resistant


  • Organic, individually packed whole bloom tea
  • Naturally antioxidant, vitamin + mineral rich 
  • Infuse for minimum of 3 minutes
  • 3rd party tested for purity + potency (US)
  • Hand harvested, farm direct


About the Floral Adaptogen Collection + Process:

The Qi flowers are large, whole blooms sourced directly from the farms that have been cultivating healing flowers for generations. Every harvest, the flowers are carefully hand-picked by expert growers just hours after sunrise when they are fully bloom.

After picking, flowers are hand-selected for their aroma/wholeness/petals quality, then laid out by hand for drying. Once dried, each flower is individually sealed for long-lasting freshness and ease of use and delivered to you.

All flowers go through 3rd party lab testing here in the US to verify their purity and potency and to ensure you're using only the highest quality. Always.

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