Ann Vincent

We recently stumbled upon Belgian artist Ann Vincent who launched an original collection of sculptural candles that have us swooning. [Watch the video

After discovering her this summer, we worked together to get these candles to the US, so Ann's collection is exclusively available at Confidants. 

Poured into hand built molds then finished with a sculpting knife, her soy blend candles add mood, drama, art, and moments of celebration to spaces. Thanks to her unscented blend, this collection is perfect for the dinner table, but you'll be tempted to curate these objects into most rooms.

Thanks to their organic, juicy shapes and warm earth tones, they're unlike any other candles we've seen. Modern, sensual, sculptural, we love everything about Ann's debut candle collection.  

This collection was born out of experimentation, as she says: 

‘I think what appeals to me is to not overthink what works or doesn’t, but feeding that idea of impulsiveness. Putting together asymmetrical shapes, colours, capturing a certain energy and boldness.’

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