Bathing Culture

Bathing Culture hit my radar a couple years back when I spotted a long line of fans surrounding two dudes in front of a claw-foot bathtub. I had to know more.

Turns out Bathing Culture makes addictively good-smelling, all-natural body wash that's been in the Confidants shop since day 1. Made from purely plant + minerals, their organic, biodegradable, all-purpose Mind + Body wash gained a cult following. 

Fast forward to this summer, the guys took a few months to develop a pro-athlete approved CBD bath soak that will revive your body and relax your mind. Muscle soothing and mind easing, take 20 min to revive in the tub and emerge thriving.

Good for the plant and people, all ingredients are sustainably and ethically harvested. 

PS don't miss the Neroli + Rose mist, so delicious smelling it may just replace your favorite perfume. 

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