A few weeks back we asked, "what are you on the hunt for right now?" Turns out a lot of you are looking for organic sheets (good call!). So we got to work. ⁣

When it comes to sleep, we take our bedding seriously. If we're too hot, sweaty, scratchy- we're not sleeping, which is bad for everyone.

Investing in bedding that improves sleep is a game changer. Lucky for us, one of the leading brands making comfy textiles is right here in the Bay. But it gets better, Coyuchi is also a leader in organic, sustainable, fair-trade textiles, thanks to their many certifications, patience, and commitment to sourcing high quality, natural and organic fibers from seed to stitch. 

One of the best brands leading the way in sustainable, organic, lights-out comfy textiles is right here in our backyard (lucky us). From seed to stitch, @Coyuchi creates 100% natural textiles using certified organic, fair-trade partners. The result? Deeper, more comfortable sleep that not only improves your life but helps keep our planet happy too. ⁣

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