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This is not your mama's hot chocolate! It's a decadent, floral, dark chocolate elixir designed to brighten your mood and lift your spirits.

We drink this in late afternoon instead of coffee or if we're passing on alcohol, Rose Cacao lattes are an awesome joy-inducing social drink. 

Organic matcha blended with oat milk, naturally sweetened with coconut cream and monk fruit—zero added sugar and 100% plant-based, organic or non-gmo ingredients.

Powered by adaptogens, probiotics and superfoods, SuperLattes promote steady, long-term energy without the crash. Just add water for a mood-boosting latte. 


  • 100% plant-based, organic or non-gmo ingredients
  • Regeneratively grown, mood-enhancing cacao
  • Organic rose petals to sooth stress
  • Dopamine-boosting macuna
  • Naturally sweetened with coconut cream + monk fruit (0 sugar)
  • Powder form makes it easy to travel 
  • Just add hot OR cold water + shake
  • 10 mg of caffiene


Pre-blended with nourishing ingredients to improve energy, focus, digestion, immunity, and protein absorption.  

  • Matcha contains Chlorophyll for immune boost + healthy skin
  • Adaptogens to balance energy + prevent crashes
  • Heat protected probiotic to improve digestion + immunity
  • Superfoods to nourish your system 

Rose Cacao SuperLatte



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