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Zoom Simple Joys Gift Set- Watercoloring Kit
Zoom Simple Joys Gift Set- Watercoloring Kit
Zoom Simple Joys Gift Set- Watercoloring Kit
Zoom Simple Joys Gift Set- Watercoloring Kit
Zoom Simple Joys Gift Set- Watercoloring Kit
Zoom Simple Joys Gift Set- Watercoloring Kit
Zoom Simple Joys Gift Set- Watercoloring Kit

Simple Joys Gift Set- Watercoloring Kit

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Super exciting news! We partnered with Case for Making, a legendary shop in Outer Sunset, San Francisco to bring you a creativity kit that has everything you need to start exploring watercoloring. 

This partnership came about thanks to new quarantine hobbies. Earlier this year, we bought our first paints, brush, and papers from CFM. It was a way to unleash our creativity, calm the noise of daily life and be more present while also making something beautiful (or at least, beautifully messy).

CFM helped us curate this creativity kit, using colors inspired by our coastal home. Land, sea, sun are woven into the 3 colors we selected, a great palette to inspire your next creation. 

Kit includes:

  • 3 x Case for Making Handmade Watercolor Pigments
  • 2 x Brushes- 1 Size 2 Brush and 1 Size 8 brush
  • 1 x Tiny Paper- 12 blank, 2.5" x 3.5" papers, 140 lb, acid free
  • 1 x Postcards- 12 blank, 3.75" x 6", 140 lb acid free watercolor paper
  • 1 x Hasami Dish- porcelain, dishwasher safe, made in Japan

Colors included:

Apricot Lake, CFM Pacific, Pink Pipestone

How to Use:

This kit features 3 paints which are beautiful as individual pigments or can be mixed to make an wide range of colors. Two brush sizes offer a breath of techniques, size 2 for smaller precise marks and size 8 for wide strokes.

The Hasami porcelain dish can be used as a catch all and a mixing surface, easily wiped clean and dried for the next session.

Two paper options offer many opportunities to create. Use the Tiny Paper to start a ritual- working on a small piece of paper helps take the pressure off creating consistently. For the postcards, create your masterpiece on the front then send it to someone as a one-of-a-kind card. Postcards are bound and padded to be carried as a notebook.

Why Watercolor?

Watercolor is a medium that invites a flow- the goal is to let go of perfection and use intuition to have FUN while practicing something new. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned artist, this kit acts as a tool to channel your creativity and enjoy the present moment. 

What makes CFM Paints Special:

Case for Making is known for their incredibly saturated paint pigments, made by hand in their studio. They use high quality pigment and watercolor binding medium—made of gum arabic (sap from acacia trees!), honey(!!), glycerine, and distilled water.


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