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Allies: 5 ways to take action

At Confidants, our very name implies, "trusted friend and ally". We have much work to do to be better allies to the black community. That work starts with showing up, speaking up, and taking action. 

"Anti-racism work is not self-improvement work for the white community. This work does not end after white people feel better about what they did. This work ends only when black people have justice in every vein that white supremacy has found to oppress." - Rachel Cargle

5 ways to take action today:

1. Reclaim the Block- donate here

Reclaim the Block is calling on our city, Minneapolis, to invest in violence prevention, housing, resources for youth, emergency mental health response teams, and solutions to the opioid crisis - not more police. We have no option but to start now.

2. NAACP- donate here 

Founded 1909, the NAACP is the nation's first and largest grassroots–based civil rights organization. Over 2,000 volunteer-run branches nationwide. Your donation to the NAACP helps further our mission to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. Donate today.

3. George Floyd Fund- donate here 
4. Rachel Cargle - follow and donate

Support and learn from Rachel Cargle, an academic, activist, and social justice leader. Follow her work @rachel.cargle and explore the many resources she has made available. She has generously and tirelessly published work to help educate white communities on how they can actively support black communities and unlearn the biases that contribute to systematic racism. 

 5. Community businesses who need your help rebuilding in Minneapolis

See this article for a list of businesses and grass roots organizations that could use your help. Please see this additional list of black-owned businesses in Twin Cities to support right now (and always).



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