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Catching up with Tini Dahl & Mari Jasmine of Sora

We asked Tini Dahl and Mari Jasmine, the ladies behind one of our most popular summer essentials: Sora towels. Each towel is made from recycled water bottles featuring original designs from their artist partners around the world. 

Thank you for talking with us, Tini & Mari! 

 Tini + Mari of Sora


Tell us a bit about yourself- where in the world are you these days? What simple hobby or ritual has been bringing you joy recently?

Right now, I am in our summer house on the West Coast of Sweden. This is my own sanctuary and where I feel the absolute calmest and I spend the mornings watering our vegetable garden with a cup of coffee in hand. The house was built around 1850 and my new favourite hobby is to go to flea markets and estate sales to find furniture and items that fits perfectly to the house <3


Looks like you have an awesome partner at Sora, Mari Jasmine- tell us more about your friendship and how you’ve co-created the brand.

Mari <3 What can I say, I got so lucky.

I have to be honest and say that neither one of us had ANY idea how big of a decision it is to choose who your business partner will be. We were friends, but we didn’t know each other that well. We came up with the idea for SORA on Facetime one day and said: should we be doing this together? 

Tini + Mari of Sora towels


You work with some incredible emerging artists- tell us more about how that idea came to you. Have you always wanted to collaborate with artists? How do those collaborations come to life at Sora?

We are so lucky to have worked with so many talented artists from around the world!

The idea of collaborating with artists really appealed to us, as it opened up an avenue to create capsule collections that bring something different to our customers every time.

Chi Gibbs x Sora

Some artists we actively seek out as we love their style, and other collaborations have been quite serendipitous.

For example, the Fervor collection came to fruition when my business partner Mari discovered and purchased their artwork in a design store whilst holidaying in Mexico City. 

Fervor Collection  

What are some of the biggest lessons you learned when you were first starting out?

Oh gosh, how do I pick! Becoming a business owner has been the steepest learning curve of my life but I would probably say:

  1. 80% perfect is better than 0% done.
  2. Choose your business partner wisely - this relationship is like a marriage!
  3. Do.your.accounting.correctly.

What's the smallest thing you've done that's had the biggest impact on your life?

Walking into a random bar in a narrow street of Hong Kong 7 years ago and meeting the person that I would walk down the aisle for 5 years later.

What's something you discovered recently that you love? Could be a song, food, etc?

I love snacks and it is my absolute favourite food category and I recently discovered this little snack dish ): Fish roe, sour cream, red onions, salted chips. Game-changer.

In the same category, I also recently discovered Marabou chocolate with bits of popcorn and sea salt. 

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