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Wine Edit: Currently Crushing

Our Confidant Katie Parish has been in the wine world for the last decade, innovating new brands and tapping trends for major labels nationwide.

But the secrets out, her favorite "juice" is from up-and-coming winemakers who combine one part soul, science, and art to offer something especially delicious to the world. 

We sat down over (a couple) glasses of wine to chat about her favorite wines right now. 

Katie shares her top three selects right now: 


Lady of the Sunshine 2020 Rose

Lady of the Sunshine

2020 Rosé | 70% Pinot Noir 30% Sauvignon Blanc, Edna Valley

I had this suuuper juicy and flavorful rosé last weekend that was just perfect for low-key day drinking.

It is naturally sweeter in flavor which usually I stray away from, but this was such a delight. Perfect for when you want to sip leisurely all afternoon OR take down in big gulps. Straight up bright, light, and very summer-timey.


Gina from Lady of the Sunshine 

Gina Giugni started Lady of the Sunshine in 2017, which focuses on regenerative, organic, and biodynamic farming in pursuit of making natural wines that reflect the purity of the place they come from. 

I purchased one of her coveted bottles @Miracle Plum in Santa Rosa and after reading the description “think pink lemonade, citrus popsicles & summertime cherries” I was sold. Kudos to the shop, it 100% delivered. 

Lady of the Sunshine

Fun Fact:

She coined the term “Breakfast wine”, which was born one morning out on the ocean, fishing with her husband. You know how fishing goes, you wake up early, pack the cooler, and then wait (and wait, and wait) until something bites. So you cue up some tunes and chit chat while sippin’ a low alcohol, high acidic breakfast wine!

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Purchase direct at: Lady of the Sunshine Wine Shop


Emme Lillian Ruth Zinfandel

Emme Wines

2020 Lillian Ruth Zinfandel

I didn’t think it was possible to find a love greater than Gamay. Then I experienced this partial skin contact Zinfandel and I was like ok, “who dis”? 

Bright and refreshing with suuuuuper juicy berry notes (*think sun-ripened raspberry and tart cherry jam), this is another sip it all day long (without being out of your mind blitzed)  kind of wine. It’s as fun, playful, and truly crushable as a Gamay but with a cool, California twist and a distinctively delicious soul. 


Emmes Wines

Image by @natezack

I took a Marissa Ross inspired #rosstest straight from the bottle and let me tell you, this one goes down niiiiice and easssssy. Perfect for a little pre-din apéro or floatie style pool hang. 

Another brilliant recommendation that didn’t disappoint from @Miracle Plum. This is Emme's first Zinfandel! Organic fruit from Mendocino's Ricetti Vineyard. Indigenous yeast fermentation. No added sulfur, no other additions, unfined and unfiltered.

Emmes Wines

Fun Fact: “Lillian Ruth” is winemaker Rosalind’s youngest sister, the last of three girls. Only 70 cases produced (feeling special!) 

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Purchase direct at: Emme Wines 


Scribe Pet Nat

Scribe Winery

2020 Rosé Pét-Nat

This one has been my trusted poolside companion all summer long (*ok this plus @kristen_goodwin) It’s got an energizing fizz that’s just lively enough to rev up the girl chat, and low-key celebratory enough to razzle and dazzle a new crew at any supper party. “Does this make me look cool?” Yup, one-hundo p.

Petillant Naturel’s have lighter, softer bubbles than traditional sparklings so they are easier (and I think more fun) to sip on. 



Crafted using the ancestral method, this Pet Nat rosé is bottled before primary fermentation is finished — without the addition of secondary yeasts or sugar. In layman’s terms, it’s “delightfully effervescent” and won’t give you that horrible champagne headache the next day which I absolutely detest. 

Fun Fact: Scribe introduced a limited edition collection of Pet Nats titled (drumroll please) MOON QUEEN 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔 this summer!  They are an estate blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Sylvaner. Harvested together under the full moon and co-fermented. *hooowwwwllllllll

Also, Scribe has an EPIC Hacienda at home playlist that you can stream via spotify to sip into those groovy summertime vibes. Playlist: Hacienda at Home curated by the very talented Lia Ices. 

Scribe hacienda

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Purchase directly: Scribe


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