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Thawing Out

Hi and welcome- nice to have you stop by our corner of the internet! If you've been following along the last four years, you may have noticed we took a break this winter. 

In short, we hit pause to recharge our creative power. Given the growth in 2021, we needed to nourish, rest, regroup, and give ourselves permission to reimagine how to build Confidants. 

After a couple months of slowing down, we're back! 

This season we're excited to reintroduce ourselves, plus tease themes for the next chapter of our creative business. 

Carly and I are the co-creators behind Confidants. What started as a group text message among friends has evolved into a destination for brand discovery, shopping, and storytelling. We're stoked about what the future holds.

Although Confidants launched a few years back, this was our first season joining forces. Carly and I hold the same vision for what this creative project could become. Along the way, we've learned that chasing dreams isn't a linear path, but a wander through the dynamic world of desire, creativity, challenges, partnerships, and hope. At times, it can feel like running in circles. Instead of grinding in frustration, we sat down to rest.  

With two full-time jobs and plenty of daily distractions, consistently investing time in Confidants is a small victory and one we celebrate with every new brand partnership, product, newsletter, or social story shared. At some point in late 2021, the celebration turned to obligation.

Between the chaos of the world and our stacked to-do list, we battled the overwhelm by numbing out. This year, we craved a change. 

To help us thaw out from our creative deep freeze, we asked some questions*:

What do we want success to feel like?

Are we excited about our direction or just going through the motions?

Is juggling a side-hustle too much or does this project keeping our soul alive? 

What fills us with joy? What do we want to unlearn or release? 

Would we dare to create something different if fear wasn't holding us back?

    * If you're confronting numbness in creative work, maybe these prompts can help you too. 

    The current narrative in entrepreneurship signals that success is about urgency, scaling fast, producing more, sacrificing it all. As two ambitious women, these marching orders feel familiar, almost comforting.

    But in our moment of pause, something else emerged: permission to go at our own pace.

    This winter was a practice in tiny transformations, starting with the uncomfortable nature of doing less. We revisited how to bring this dream, our vision, to the world in a way that we can sustain- one that creates joy, not just lessons learned. 

    This season we plan to kick our feet up and tune into creative flow, thawing out by indulging in (unapologetic) pleasure and leisure as an antidote to the numbness.

    We want to linger in the feeling of slowing down by sharing more stories, like interviews from our creative friends about their tips to tiny transformations, style, adventure, self-expression, and so much more.

    Thawing out is a lived experience, not just the title. After a long season of numbness, we celebrate the shock, joy, connection, and pure delight of feeling again. 

    Welcome to the season of sensual living. 


    Photo credit: we found this gorgeous scene in our pinterest archives, if you know who took it, let us know!

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