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How to make a modern wreath

Confidants / Journal / Published: Nov-13-2018

6 easy steps with
Erin Miller from The Floral Times

When we think of the holidays we picture hot chocolate, a crackling fire, dinner parties, and... wreaths! This year we have a modern DIY twist to this centuries-old tradition, gathered by Erin Miller from The Floral Times. Pick up a few supplies, grab yourself a hot chocolate (with a side of wine?) and dive in.

Supplies List

Rings & Wire

9-Inch Craft Metal Ring

Green Floral Wire

Floral Tube (optional)

Greens, Berries + Flowers

Evergreen boughs + berries

4-5 White Roses or flowers of your choice

All can be found at your local flower shop or grocery store


Step 1: Set the wire


Start with some wire tied around the ring to set a foundation for the wrapping- you will be using the same line of wire for the entire process.

No snipping the wire until the end!

Step 2: Create the evergreen base


Take a few branches of boughs and lay down your greens on the ring, over the wire.

Create a horizontal line, with branches extending to the right and left. The branch ends will be overlapping over the wire base.

Take the floral wire and wrap it around the branches. Take a few laps around the ring, extending a couple inches from center to stabilize the branches.

Trim the ends of the branches.

Step 3: Add some berry color pop


Take the berry branches and cut them down to 1-2 feet. If you're scissors aren't strong enough, use them to score the branch creating a weak point, then break it off using your hands.

Lay down some color pop with berries on top of the greens. Similar to the evergreen boughs, lay berry branches to the left and right so they point in opposite directions. The ends of the branches should meet in the middle.  

Take the wire and wrap it around the middle base, going to the left and right a few inches to secure them.

Trim branch ends to avoid them poking out.

Step 4: Prep the roses/ flowers


Prep 3-4 roses by placing the stems in the floral water tubes- cut the stems short to keep them fresh longer.

Floral tubes are optional but will extend the life of your wreath!

Step 5: Center & secure flowers


Similar to the berries and boughs, take two roses and position them to face away from each other with stems at the center. Wrap the wire over the stems but below the flower head.

Take 1-2 additional roses and place them in the center of the base, creating a triangle or half moon shape.

Wrap the wire over the remaining stems, criss-crossing over the stems, but below the flower head. Don't worry about the wiring showing here, we'll get to that in the next step.

PS feel free to take artistic liberty too, this is your wreath!

Step 6: Cover wire with greens, tie it off, and snip wire


Cut a few short pieces of your leftover greens and place on top of wire between the roses- wrap the wire to attach

When all flowers are secure, take the floral wrap to the back and cut the wire, leaving about 2-3 inches. Pull the tail of the wire tight, make one more loop, then weave the end under the last loop to tie it off.

There you have it, beautiful right? Share your wreath with us by tagging #weareconfidants

We are so excited to see your creations!

With love,

Your Confidants

Confidants / Category Journal / Published: Nov-13-2018

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