The Ritual: Morning Coffee

The Ritual: morning coffee

Few things in life are as grounding as a morning cup of coffee. When I stop to think about it, coffee is the one thing I enjoy almost every day.

Is that true for you?

At home, brewing coffee is a simple ritual: grinding beans, boiling water, imperfect measuring, and a few minutes to brew.

But the magic is in the act- for a few minutes, I slow down and check in.

Coffee is a catalyst for other rituals too, like journaling, future dreaming, creative brainstorming, collaborating or sitting on the porch to catch the morning light. 

Whether I'm boiling water on a stove or over a bonfire in the mountains, coffee brings me home. It also warms me up after surfing, skiing, hiking, or exploring a new place.

Coffee is my daily pep talk, creative juice, and roadtrip sidekick.

But my favorite thing about coffee? It's a simple ritual that connects us.

So many of my life's conversations - with close friends, new friends, coworkers, family, boyfriends - they all happen over a cup of coffee. 

Enjoying coffee is one of the most universal rituals on the planet. 

And just like a morning cup, I thought coffee was the perfect way to kick off our exploration of rituals. 

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