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5 WFH perks to beat stir-craziness

Coronavirus got you quarantined? Us too. 

If you're WFH this week, we made a list of 5 delightful things to embrace in the comfort of your own space. This change in routine may be the pause you've been waiting for. 

1. No commuting = snoozing

Between daylight savings and heightened anxiety, we could all use some extra hours of rest. Get back-to-back nights of 8 hours to unlock a significant shift in increased energy, focus, and creativity, along with more willpower for healthy habits. 


IImage by @stellahouse_maine

2. Your house, your rules.

We encourage you to go wild. 

No dress code. Unlimited coffee and food breaks. Permission to light all the candles. Perks of a mid-day nap. Joy of listening to music at full blast. Bliss of trying that CBD joint. Freedom to dance in your living room. You get it. 

find your essential

Image by @findyouressential

3. Profesh on top, chill on the bottom. Or just chill all around.

Yes, you may have 100,283 video meetings to attend now that you're WFH, but feel free to keep those comfy pants on alllll day long. 


4. Emotional support from all your fur friends- cats, dogs, sugar gliders, all of 'em.

We just discovered sugar gliders (real life?). In case you don't have a pet, here is some instagram gold to get you through: @icanteven@goldenretrievers, @buzzfeedanimals


 5. Cancelled plans = more time for [so many things].

Sleeping, long showers, a real leisure lunch, calling mom, face masks, a bath instead of a shower, opening that "how to watercolor" kit, trying a new Alison Roman recipe, baking cookies or edibles, mood boards, getting curious about human design. Drop us a line if you need ideas, we're making a list.  

Alison Roman

Image by @alisoneroman

Feel free to comment with your own lighthearted nod to optimism, we're in this together :) 


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