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Moon Lists: Questions and Rituals for Self-Reflection

Moon Lists Workbook

Throughout my life, I've always been one to journal. As a storyteller, there's something intuitive about capturing the narrative of your own life's journey. In recent years, this love has blossomed to become on of my favorite rituals. 

The analog process of writing things down is powerful for a few reasons:

1. You write slower than you type. What a delight to slow down.

2. It's simple - pen to paper. No screen, batteries, charger, app required. 

3. You can begin or end anytime, anywhere. 

4. You discover more about yourself.

5. You gather wisdom from your own lived experiences. 

We take for granted how impactful rituals can be, especially when we stack up all lessons we've learned in the little moments. 


What is Moon Lists?

Moon Lists came into my life as a surprise gift last summer. As the cover reads, it's a guided journal with "Questions and Rituals for Self-Reflection".

Moon Lists- Rituals and Reflections

The title definitely delivers. It's become one my all-time favorite journals thanks to thoughtful prompts that help capture life in the moment. 

Of the rituals, "Taking Inventory" is one of my favorites.

Here is the prompt, which you can practice regularly by pausing to mentally take note or write down:

  • A sight
  • A smell
  • A sound
  • A touch
  • A taste

Inspiration by Linnea Bullion

Image by @linneabullion

My most recent list read: 

  • A sight: bolinas at sunset
  • A smell: burittooooos
  • A sound: gravel crunching under my feet, running at Lands End
  • A touch: super soft wool slippers warming up ice cold, post-surf feet
  • A taste: smokey, spicy indian chili sauce

 Sailortwitch instagram

Image by Michael Armenta, aka @sailortwitch

Moon Lists is brimming with simple prompts that help capture fleeting moments, like the sights and smells of everyday life. 

Re-reading entries may help you discover more about yourself, like simple joys, frequent frustrations, moments of gratitude, hidden dreams you haven't quite given yourself permission to pursue.

More likely, you'll recognize just how brilliant, awe-inspiring, and extraordinary your life is for no greater reason than you're the one experiencing it. 

Moon Lists should be hitting our shop soon, until then discover more about Moon Lists here


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