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Issue 02.20.20

Breathe Deep / issue 02.20.20

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Craving fresh air

Finding the here and now

"Can you believe it's almost ____, where did the month go?" has been a constant topic among friends. Anxiety creeps in whenever we feel expectations don't meet reality, and there's nothing like the stall of momentum to fuel the craving of escape.

We just spent time, intentionally or not, setting expectations of what this year would hold. Now seven weeks in we're wondering, "what was my intention again and where did all that time go?"  

Three things help me re-focus and shake off anxiety: 

1) Daily rituals that slow down the pace and help ground in the moment.

2) Fresh air, sweat, and movement.

3) Taking five minutes each morning to focus on the One Thing.

Daily Rituals

Build your own ritual kit


Each week we share recent discoveries that start conversations, fuel inspiration, and spark creative curiosity, ending with a "Rad Woman On Our Radar".

From photographers and artists to entrepreneurs and athletes, these everyday women expand what we believe is possible, helping us realize if she can do it, I can do it.

This Week's Woman on Our Radar: Nana Yaa

Nana Yaa


We're on a mission to explore everything from brands and makers to new voices and stories in hopes of sparking a conversation around design, conscious consumption, real talk, and whatever else is on our radar.

This week we were pretty pumped to discover the River Cabaan, a cozy scene giving us the "must-book-right-now" vibes and powerful film portraits of women from around the world. Plus don't miss our February playlist:



River Cabaan, Hannah Shea, Chiara Zonca, and Ivy Coco Maurice for your inspiration. 

We are women with a deep curiosity and passion for self-discovery. If you are too, follow along. 

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Ginni F

Love your weekly posts! You are reflective and insightful. Thanks for your perspective!

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