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Guide To Simple Joys + Daily Rituals

We curated this collection of crowd-pleasing items inspired by simple joys, showcasing how ordinary objects play into daily rituals, inviting in self-discovery, happiness, and more present awareness.

Some of our favorite routines transform into opportunities to log off, tune in, and enjoy a moment to unwind.

Rituals like the delight of making a perfect cup of coffee, a warm matcha latte and cozy fireplace, painting our nails, writing a letter instead of an email, decompressing through creative hobbies like watercoloring, the list is endless. 


3 Simple Joys to inspire moments of happiness in everyday life

Lady Falcon coffee

1. Brew a truly delicious cup of coffee

The gift: Lady Falcon Coffee x Bornn Enamelware Mug

There's nothing like a rich, smooth cup of coffee to set the tone for a day. Add in a beautiful, bright mug and an average experience quickly transforms into 5-10 minutes of real morning bliss. 

Lady Falcon is a women-led, small batch roaster in the Outer Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco. The Atta Girl brew is their best-selling flavor with delicious notes of Cacao Nib, Donut Peach, Honeysuckle. 

For the perfect cup:

TLDR, make coffee the way you love it.

Below are loose instructions for brewing, which we first learned from the internet, then adapted over time. Sometimes we use a scale, sometimes we don't. This is for a Chemex because we love making more than 1 cup, takes about 3-4 minutes total. 

  • 50 grams of coffee (3 heaping tbsp), ground coarse like sea salt
  • Boil a full pot of water, ideally in gooseneck kettle
  • Unfold filter, wet filter in chemex with a little boiling water, discard water
  • Pour grounds in filter, use gooseneck kettle to pour water in spiral motion, fully covering the grounds (~100-120 grams). Wait 15-ish seconds. Coffee blooms, aka smells amazing.
  • Pour more water, starting in the center and working out and back in with circular motion until nearly full (~450 grams). Wait around 30-40 secs or until about 1 inch of water is left. 
  • Pour final round of water in circular motion to reach ~700 grams
  • Remove filter and grounds, pour and enjoy

Shop the ritual:


2. Enjoy the art of letting go with watercoloring

The Gift: Watercoloring Creativity Kit 

 CFM Watercoloring Kit

As of 4 months ago, we hadn't touched a paint brush since high school. This new burst of inspiration for a low-maintenance, high-creativity hobby led us to Case for Making, a community art store and studio based in Outer Sunset.  

We bought our first supplies at CFM, and since then, we've used watercoloring as a way to unleash our creativity, calm the noise of daily life and be more present while also making something beautiful (or at least, beautifully messy).

Watercoloring and experimenting

By design, watercoloring is about flow, experimentation, play, and spontaneous creativity. What a gift. 

Thanks to our incredible experience, we teamed up with the ladies of Case for Making to create an exclusive kit for you using colors inspired by our coastal home. Land, sea, sun are woven into the 3 colors we selected, a great palette to inspire your next creation.  

How to get started with watercolor: 

  • Grab a kit- it has everything you need from paper to paints to brushes
  • Find a flat workspace, like your desk or kitchen table
  • Fill up two glasses of water
  • Open the paints, consider saving the wrapper so you can repack 
  • Choose the paper you want to work with - either postcards or tiny papers
  • Pick a brush, dip into the clean water, smudge into one of the paint colors and start creating!
  • Use the porcelain dish as a great way to mix colors
  • Don't overthink it. Play with the different brush sizes. You can also add water directly to the paper then drop in colors with your brush
  • By design, watercoloring is about flow, experimentation,  
  • Also visit Case for Making for online workshops, FAQs, and tips

Shop the Ritual:

Watercoloring Kit

3. Write a letter instead of an email

The Gift: Hotel Magique Cards

Hotel Magique Cards

Every now and then, we pull out a greeting card to write someone a note. No need to celebrate a birthday or milestone, you don't need an excuse to drop a line the old fashioned way. 

Not only will you make someone's day but you'll find how delightful it is to put away the screens and write someone a note, no editing or drafts required. 

Create a letter writing ritual you'll look forward to:

  • Gather 10+ mailing addresses from people you'd love to stay in touch with- friends, old roommates, college buddies, neighbors, family. 
  • Write down names + addresses on slips of paper and fold 'em up
  • Find a jar, put the addresses in the jar
  • Create a ritual by picking a day once per week or month to pull an address from the jar
  • Have stamps on hand and a stack of blank, universally loved cards. Our personal favorites at the moment: Tout Est Magique, Love Peace and Magique, and You are Magique cards.
  • Write anything in the card- you can recap your day, recall a favorite memory, ask a question. 
  • Seal the letter, write down the address, put a stamp on + drop it in the mail
  • Pro tip: If you're struggling with writers block, write down a bunch of prompts and put them in another jar next to the addresses. Pick one address then pick one prompt and go from there. 

 Shop the Ritual:

Bisous Santa CardJ'Adore Christmas Card 

Tout Est MagiqueLove Peace Magique Card

You Are Magique

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